Whither have my spaces gone?

I was somewhat amused to notice today that the spaces that once graced some of my poetical works have ceased to be.

Whither have they gone?

I have tried to entice them back but nothing I do makes them reappear. This does not happen with books, you see. One puts a bit of grammar here and there, introduces a space to give the words room to breathe and there it stays. Not so with this virtual contraption. It removes my spaces – selectively- without so much as a “by your leave” and tucks them away into mysterious voids from whence they can never be recovered. Give me a good, honest book any old day!

If anyone in the WordPress world knows a way to right this dreadful wrong… do share your notes. My poems do not like to be squinched up.


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One response to “Whither have my spaces gone?

  1. Richard Moult

    How strange Anne … perhaps instead compile your poems into one or several PDFs (with illustrations?) and make available as downloads on this site?

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