For Fellow Travelers…


Who am I?

…a nomad-spirit, a seeker of living truth, a poet, a dancer, an admirer of the intricate and diverse tapestry of life

Words have been constant and true companions upon all the winding ways of my life’sjourney set predominately in landscapes of solitude. They are the wings upon which my soul flies into broader contexts. They bring me back to within again with the breath of memory’s flight to nurture and sustain me.

I enjoy being surrounded by ancient and beautiful things. As book restorer, historical bookbinder and medieval manuscript illuminator, I find that my soul lingers most readily in and around the early Carolingian and the high Gothic periods. The sounds of medieval music, especially Gregorian chant, are my preferred aural landscapes. I play the Celtic harp with a passion. My feet are only still when they are not dancing. The legend of Perceval (per de Troyes and von Eschenbach) has been a guiding light on my own path to the grail. I am a seeker of deep truth, the paths to which I believe are manifold.

I am a great lover of books on any number of subjects. I find myself as easily at home with an ancient troubadours tale as with a prim narrative of the 19th Century. Though literature all but died for me at the dawn of the 20th Century, there are some notable exceptions of contemporary authorship though, I concede, they tend to be poets. I have a great interest in philosophy and the natural sciences particularly theoretical physics.


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