Child of Midnight – a sestina

Child of Midnight

Child of midnight born in the hour where silence
Reigns, his single voice broke through the pain perfected
As the universe incorporated his frame
Making a mere metaphor of the boundaries
Of skin wherein constellations resonated
Songs of stars being birthed to unwritten music

Who is this child to whom was the secret music
Entrusted while the world slept broken in silence;
In whose luminous depths a tone resonated
That unwound resplendent time and space perfected
For which his pure consciousness posed no boundaries
Yet gave stark contour to an eternal time frame

A memory frozen, like in a picture frame:
The small boy with a toy boat whose inner music
Filled his pure voice breaking heaven’s tight boundaries
Yet met with onlookers harsh words- then their silence
They heard not, as did he, harmony perfected
Which in every silver raindrop resonated

He perceived melody’s pulse that resonated
In all things and his eye, as through a window frame,
Saw their songs unfold in brilliant hues perfected:
The wind singing through trees and butterflies’ music
The color of Amazon blue broke his silence
And overflowed within his thoughts all boundaries

Beyond all limits of his minds broad boundaries,
Expanding space the bright colors resonated
With which he painted worlds of intricate silence
And late at night enclosed them in a gilded frame
Which appeared to most as staves of ancient music
Flowing sublimely in modes and times perfected

And now, the boy lives on in the man perfected
For whom society’s norms pose no boundaries
And it never ends its course, the sacred music
Which through times manifold echoes resonated
To sculpt from dust of stars his tall and slender frame
Infused with melodies cloaked in endless silence

His song perfected which the stars resonated
Dissolved boundaries while expanding his mind-frame.
Who but he could hear music born of pure silence?

photo: Eddie 07


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